Why walk

Why is walking good for you? Walking as an activity brings numerous benefits. Specifically, walking is viewed as:

1. Physical activity that promotes physical and mental wellbeing.

2. Social activity – during walks you meet students and staff from different departments and schools. Group walks are thus great for informal networking across the university.

3. Educational activity – it promotes knowledge about UK’s extensive network of footpaths. Introducing various IT tools such as Digimap application is about students learning to produce their own maps – a valuable skill to have. Special interest walks are aimed at educating about e.g. local history or natural history (fauna & flora). It is also about raising environmental awareness in general.

4. Alternative means of transport – the extensive footpath network in the UK, stemming from public rights of way,  means there are numerous paths to neighbouring villages and towns that can be used to get to you from A to B. Our walking society Cranfield University’s Walks aims to introduce and promote this alternative means of transport to students and staff at Cranfield University.

5. Language class – during group walks students have the opportunity converse with other students, practising their language skills.

6. Cultural activity – special interest walks, such as a walk to a village fete, introduce English culture to international students.

7. A link to local communities – our walks provide an opportunity for a social interaction with local communities.

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