Committee 2018- 2019:

Leadership: Maria Pepper (President), Alan Nelson (Advisory)

 Treasurer / Finance Elisa Socionovo Gioacchini
 Social media: Dev Baisla
 Logistics:  Olivia Berzal de Frutos,  Kostas Vasilakos
Anjani Parsotamo
 Photo Editor: Ali Al Ramadhn 

Committee 2017 – 2018:

Leadership: Vinyas Rai (President), Alan Nelson (Advisory)

Committee 2016 – 2017:

Leadership: Guillaume Pastre (President) and Kristina Sodomkova (Founder, social media sites owner)

 Treasurer / Finance Vijay Vedula
 Social media: Shivani Daiya
 Logistics: Manon Tuerlinckx
HoiKen Chen
 Photo Editor: Ali Al Ramadhn 

The committee 2014-2015:

President: Nelia Jurado Pontes
Secretary: Ombeline Hueber/ Amandine Gilbert
Treasurer: Sarah Bergin
Social media officer:
Rodrigo Jimenez Manzanera
Photo editor: We need you!! Get involved!

The committee 2013-2014:

President: Sarah Bergin
Secretary: Nelia Jurado Pontes
Treasurer: Alex Charlton
Social secretary: Stavros Vavias & Rodrigo Jimenez Manzanera
Social media officer: Belén Iglesias
Photo editor: We need you!! Get involved!

The committee 2012-2013:

President: Jonny Thorns
Membership officer: Ann Poku
Treasurer: Sarah Bergin
Transport coordinator: Borja Lázaro Toralles
Social media officer: Vikas Chakravarthi & Kristina Sodomkova
Photo editor: Xiaojian Huang & Dina Kouppari

The committee 2011-2012:

President: Kristina Sodomkova
Membership officer: Moustafa Elnadi
Treasurer: Daniel Portelli & Simon Potter
Walks information officer: Deborah Hiscock
Photo editor: Belén Iglesias

Our walk leaders from all the times. A big thanks for you!!

External: John Brandon and Chris Stapleton (North Crawley Historical Society, village of North Crawley), Paul Boatfield (chairman of Ouse Valley Ramblers), David Thompson (Birbeck College, University of London).

Cranfield University staff: Deborah Hiscock, Chris and Jean Walker (IT department), Sue Richardson (Cranfield Student Association), Alan Nelson, Andrew Potter, Daniel Sandars (School of Applied Science), Toby Breckon, Alan and Diane Hutchings (School of Engineering).

PhD students: Michal and Gosia Czapinski, Shiwei Fan, Periklis Lolis, Eduardo A. Anselmi Palma, Sarah Bergin (School of Engineering); Graham Halcro, Davidson ‘Dave’ Lloyd, Simon Potter, Kristina Sodomkova (School of Applied Sciences), Alex Charlie Charlton.

MSc students: Belén Iglesias Bares (School of Applied Sciences); Jonny Thorns, Vikas Chakravarthy (School of Engineering).

And many more. Thank you!


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