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10 -11 November: lunchtime tree walks

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Photo  by Shiroshana Tissera

Walk itinerary: 
Meet in front of the Main Reception                                 Start 13.00 hours     Finish: 14.00 hours                          No cost – just turn up                                                           Enjoy the stunning displays of autumnal hues with this short tree identification walk around the campus (35 min),  followed by  leaves-painting session at the CSA.

The first two lunchtime tree walks around the Cranfield University’s campus!-) 
Our guide for these walks will be David, current MSc student at Cranfield University. I asked him a couple of questions:

David, could you tell us more about the planned tree walks?
I would say it is more a “biological” walk than a “tree walk” – Its more about appreciating nature as a whole. Trees are just one part of our mother Earth :). During the walk, I will try to tell you something about basic dendrology, ornithology, ecology… but don’t expect any overbearing academical knowledge. – just  a nice and friendly walk around Cranfield campus.

David, our guide - let's hope he is coming alone for the tree walk!-)

Tell us something about  yourself.               I studied ecology and conservation biology at Charles University in Prague. Currently I am studying for MSc in  Land Management at Cranfield University. In the last couple of years I participated in few expeditions to Africa; during which I always felt a sense of astonishment at biodiversity in that region. I just love nature.

What is your favourite walk?           Everywhere where you can find some patch of nature is fine ! But my favorite walks are in the mountains of my country (Czech Republic). I grew up there and that is where you can observe all the changes that happen in nature.

What advice would you give to our walkers or what useful  information could you share with us?                                                                                                                                                   Feel the nature ! It’s not necessary to be able to identify hundreds of species of  trees or animals. In contrast I think that the most important thing for every human is to maintain a deep personal connection with nature and the natural environment. After all, it is here for us to enjoy -). 

Many thanks, David. I look forward to meeting you at the upcoming lunchtime tree walks.

Kristina Sodomkova
Do you like to decorate your room of office walls with pretty artwork, using fallen leaves and a poster paint? Come to the CSA 1st floor after the lunchtime tree walks on Thursday and Friday 10-11 November.