Yes, no, maybe: walk as a means of transport

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I am currently writing the aims and objectives for our new walking society “cranfielduniversitywalks” which ought to be easy. I thought there should definitely be something about promoting walking as an alternative means of transport – i.e. walking to neighbouring villages such as Cranfield, although one of our members walks daily as far as Newport Pagnell! I then had a discussion with our University’s Transport Team, after I suggested to them to include a link to our new website on their intranet web page. What came out of this discussion was that our Transport team does not view walking as a means of transport and therefore it does not deem it appropriate mentioning walking (and us) on their web page. Interesting, I thought. A day or so passed and I received a call from the Transport Team saying they changed their mind and they will be including walking info on their intranet page in the future. But I am still bit baffled – is walking means of transport? Yes, no, maybe?

Note: Cranfield University’s Transport Team gave a permission for our group to have a discussion on this topic on our blog.