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Sunday 28th October: Roast Dinner at North Crawley

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 Traditional English Roast Dinner/Lunch in the Cock Inn at North Crawley’s 12:30pm 

Walk itinerary:       
Meet in front of Cafe Bookshop,                                                                                                 Depart at 11:00 hours                                                                                                                     Return back circa 14.30  hours                                                                                                           Total walk length: circa 6.6 km (4 miles) approx                                                                           Please wear appropriate footwear and clothing for a walk as the weather is predicted to be cloudy. Light rain expected – wear a waterproof jacket.

Have a look at this website on the day of the walk to see if there’s an update.


Cost –  £5 for the meal (normal price £7.95, for this event subsidised by our walking society). The walk is otherwise free.

Please register at the CSA office 1st floor at the earliest as we have a 15 members limit. And also please do specify the choice of meal that you would prefer to have, as in Pork or Beef or Lamb or Chicken or Vegetarian.