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Thinking of joining us? Meet our member Vikas

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Since Cranfield University’s Walks  formed in April 2011 many students participated in its activities, which enabled them to discover the UK’s extensive network of footpaths and enjoy and appreciate beauty of the UK’s countryside. If you are a new student coming to Cranfield University and thinking of joining, hear from our existing and past members about their experiences  of being part of the society:
Vikas with Cranfield students in Lake District
Vikas and fellow students enjoying the views in the Lake District

Today I am talking to Vikas. Hello Vikas! Tell us something about yourself. I was an MSc student in MSc in Computational and Software Techniques in Engineering,

What has been your role in the walking society? A little bit of everything actually. An enthusiastic participant primarily. But I also the web editor in chief for a while. Organized a couple of walks too.

What have been your 3 favourite Cranfield University’s Walks events and why? Definitely the 1st would be the trip to Lake District. It was one of the most beautiful places I ever visited. EVER! Getting wet in the cool and crystal clear water of a waterfall in Lake District is something I can never forget! 2nd goes to All Hallows Eve Walk ,  along  with the pumpking carving party organised prior to the walk. A walk in the dark  through Forest of Marston Vale! Angela from Lodge Farm prepared for us specially some yummy scary cakes. It was very unique, first time I experienced celebrating this tradition. 3rd would surely be my hike in waist deep snow at a spectacular place called Peak District. ( Ah! What a trip it was. The one memory I will always hold on to here would be the slide down the Devil’s ladder. Felt like a kid on a slide but what we really did was to slide down on the frozen mountain side for over 30 ft.)

What walking boots and other walking gear do you have that you found indispensable during the walks? Definitely North Face! But any good water proof shoes with a good grip is good enough. For, as long as you are not wet and cold, you will really enjoy walking.

What did being a member of Cranfield University’s Walks mean to you? Those were some of my best times  in Cranfield [University].     

Interestingly, during my 2nd walk, which was to Cranfield village, one of my shoes literally fell apart. A committee member whisked me promptly into the nearest outdoor store near Bedford so I could buy new shoes. It is a priceless memory for me. (That little gesture of commitment and care, inspired me to become a committee member of this amazing society)

Being a member, I took part in almost all the walks that year. It helped me to see some of the most beautiful places in England.

Why would you recommend anyone at Cranfield University to join the walking society? Cranfield University initially could be a lonely place. Not knowing anyone, as a new student. Unable to travel much due to limited public transport readily available… An extraordinary University no less. But honestly, it is quite isolated. But once you join the walking society, all this will change. It is your get away pass out of Cranfield. You will get to see some amazing places, which you might otherwise miss out on, if you are coming from abroad just for one year of intensive studying. And most importantly, by joining Cranfield University’s walking society, you will make friends for life. Just remember, KEEP WALKING!

Thank you, Vikas, really nice talking to you. All the best in your future endeavours and keep in touch!      

Visit our Membership page on how to join Cranfield University’s Walks.

Interested in being the walking society’s committee member extraordinaire for the academic year 2016-2017? Get in touch.

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Central Beds Travel Officer on campus this week

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Central Bedfordshire Council’s Travel Officer is on campus from today Monday 30 January to Friday 3 February and wants to hear your views on local public transport and your suggestions for improving it.

The Travel Officer will be hosting a stand in the main entrance of the CSA on Monday, Tuesday and Friday and will be in the Library foyer on Wednesday and Thursday.

Cranfield University’s travel survey open this week only

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The latest Cranfield University‘s travel survey is running this week only until 27 January 2012:

What is your experience of commuting to Cranfield campus? What do you think about public transport serving the university and facilities for walkers and cyclists? Have your say! 

Link to the survey:

Message from the new Environment and Energy Team:”The University is currently developing a Travel Plan and wants to hear about your experiences travelling to and from campus. The Plan will support our commitment to carbon reduction by exploring the ways travel choices can be improved on campus, including pedestrian and cycle access; rail and car travel; bus services and business travel.
 You are invited to complete a short survey to put forward your thoughts and comments on the travel issues that affect you. This feedback will then be used in scoping the Travel Plan and in lobbying local planners to improve travel choices where appropriate”.