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Since Cranfield University’s Walks formed in April 2011 many students participated in its activities, which enabled them to discover the UK’s extensive network of footpaths and enjoy and appreciate beauty of the UK’s countryside. If you are a new student coming to Cranfield University and thinking of joining, hear from our existing and past members about their experiences  of being part of the society:
                      Ali in action.

Today I am talking to one of our most inspiring membersHello there, tell us something about yourself. Hi, my name is Ali and I’m from Saudi Arabia. I studied my Master of Science in Advanced Mechanical Engineering at Cranfield University, academic year 2016/2017.

What was your role in the walking society? I was the Photo Editor. As a committee member, my role included helping the committee in planning the walks but it was mainly to document every walk we had and share it through our social media pages.

Congratulations! You have won an award from the walking society. Thank you! I received the Chief Photographer award during our last year’s Christmas pub walk to North Crawley .

What were your 3 favourite walks and why? 

Snowdonia National Park: A hiking trip for three days with a group of energetic and lovely members of the walking society.  That experience showed how a team can work in a tough environment like climbing Snowdon Mountain.

Olney Christmas Market Walk: A walk that included passing by and seeing several attractive locations along the  River Great Ouse and Olney River Meadows  that are nature, the old market town and the Christmas market with a flavour of Victorian England.

Stevington Windmill Walk: A special walk to view an impressive postmill (a type of windmill that could be turned to face into the wind) built in the 18th century and the only complete windmill left in the county of Bedfordshire.  A historic windmill which is sort of  hidden, a stunning place to visit in Bedford.

What did being a member of Cranfield University’s Walks mean to you?

Being a member of this society gave me the opportunity to enjoy two things. Firstly, wondering around the beautiful countryside, villages and towns and knowing about their fascinating history. Secondly, I was honoured to work with and learn from the committee and our friends, Kristina and Alan, who all were driven by passion toward making this society lively and successful.

Why would you recommend anyone at Cranfield University to join the walking society? I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say that the Walking Society does complete the studying experience at Cranfield University, especially for international students like me so I strongly recommend it.

Thank you, Ali ! It was a pleasure talking to you. Keep on walking and all the best in your future endeavours!

Ali and fellow members of the walking society at Chicheley Hall.

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