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Thinking of joining us? Meet our member Jing

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Since Cranfield University’s Walks  formed in April 2011 many students participated in its activities, which enabled them to discover the UK’s extensive network of footpaths and enjoy and appreciate beauty of the UK’s countryside.   If you are a new student coming to Cranfield University and thinking of joining, hear from our existing  members about their experiences  of being part of the society:
jing shi
Jing hiking in the Lake District

Today I am talking to Jing. Hello Jing! Tell us something about yourself. I’m a PhD student in process system engineering in what was Cranfield’s School of Engineering (renamed to School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing (SATM) as part of an ongoing change management programme).

What has been your role in the walking society? I used to help to organize local walks with Paul, a keen rambler from Cranfield village. He was very kind and offered to lead local walks now and then (once per month in 2013-2014) and I assisted him to take care of other things (walk posts, emails, transport etc.).

Congratulations! You have won an award at the latest Cranfield Students’ Association awards 2013/2014! The nomination read “Well done, Jing, great to see you gaining confidence and becoming a walk leader and an events organiser.” I won the award of “Bee’s knees” of the walking society in the academic year of 2013-2014. I am   happy to get this unexpected award. I am also happy that I’m improving from the activities.

What have been your 3 favourite Cranfield University’s Walks events and why? My favourite walks include weekend hikes in the Lake District and Snowdonia National Park, which are challenging but with amazing views. My favourite local walk is the one around Woburn deer park, in which you can see several different herds of deer in a very beautiful landscape.

What walking boots and other walking gear do you have that you found indispensable during the walks? Yes, waterproof boots and clothes are indispensable! Both my walking boots and clothes are Karrimor which I bought from the Sports Direct shop in MK center. The walking boots were less expensive and OK for not very wet conditions. But they proved not waterproof in very wet conditions!  Besides, a pair of walking poles really helps in mountain climbing during weekend walks. I have a pair of walking poles  by Trekrite that I bought from Amazon: they have survived very hash conditions such as mountain climbing in Scotland

What does being a member of Cranfield University’s Walks mean to you? Being a member of Cranfield University’s Walks opens the door of the UK’s landscape for me. I think I would have never walked around so many amazing places without joining the walking society. Also, it is an opportunity to go adventures. During weekend walks, you experience funny things, difficult challenges and warm helps from other members.

Why would you recommend anyone at Cranfield University to join the walking society? I think  joining the walking society means that you can enjoy beautiful views, enjoy talking with people during the walks, or be happy organizing your own walks.  Also you can challenge yourself in weekend walks!

Thank you, Jing, really nice talking to you. Keep on walking and all the best with completing your PhD studies!        

Would you like to get involved in running the walking society in the academic year 2016-2017?  Get in touch.

Visit our Membership page on how to join Cranfield University’s Walks.


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Walking Society’s Meeting on 21st Oct @ 4:00 PM -CSA Meeting Room: Be part of our winning team!

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Be a Part of  ‘Cranfield University’s Walks and make things happen..!

We are an award-winning student society. And now we need YOU, to continue the winning streak. After all, ‘Cranfield University’s Walksis a student society run by students for students.

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We are having a society meeting to discuss on various topics like requirements, future walk plans, etc and we need your input and feedback to make things happen. And your participation will be most appreciated.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any clarifications. And lastly free CAKES for everyone who attends the meeting! 🙂

Our email:

New committee members sought: be part of our winning team!

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Who is behind ‘Cranfield University’s Walks‘?

Zooming on the management of our student society

Our current committee comprises Xiaojian, Daniel, Moustafa, and Kristina – all PhD students who are working on writing up their theses and leaving Cranfield University sooner or later. Can our award-winning student walking society function after we are gone? We think so  – provided that other students become members of our committee and get involved in organising our activities. After all, ‘Cranfield University’s Walksis a student society run by students for students. We currently have these vacancies available:

1st and 2nd Photo Editors

Web Editor

Transport Co-Ordinator 

Events Organiser

Walks Information Officer

Treasurer (Finance) 

Membership Officer

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to be at the heart of the student community at Cranfield University: as I say, it is priceless to see Cranfield students so happy and smiling on our walks in the fresh air, out in the beautiful countryside. By being part of our committee, you gain valuable transferable skills such as web editing and events organising. Or perhaps you already have some great experience that could benefit our student walking society ‘Cranfield University’s Walks’.  Whatever the reason, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are interested to be part of our winning team and to discuss further these positions!-)

Our email:
Working out the logistics: As our Transport Co-Ordinator, you may get to drive some oversized vehicles -)

Record-breaking weekend 4 ‘Cranfield University’s walks

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Our student walk society ‘Cranfield University’s Walks had a very busy weekend during which new Cranfield University’s students showed record interest in our walks:

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On Saturday 29th September 34 of Cranfield University’s students attended an early afternoon walk across the fields to Lodge Farm, North Crawley. It was so nice to see the  current student president Atma joining us for this event.!-) At one point our group split and so some of us went on a little detour via North Crawley village, before heading to Lodge Farm.  Angela who runs the Lodge Farm farm shop – and a current winner of our award for the “most welcoming local business” – prepared especially for us her amazing homemade cakes, ice cream and freshly baked bread. We sat in the garden sipping a cup of tea /coffee and watched those having a go at the trampoline or wandered off to say hello to the chickens. Then it was time to head back to Cranfield University via the working stables next door to Lodge Farm. Big thank you goes to our group of walk leaders for this walk: Shiwei, Moustafa, Nelia, Jason and Asteris. Special appearance by Periklis who travelled all the way from Rugby to attend this walk – wow!

After the walk, there was annual student clubs and societies fair from 5 to 8pm, organised by Cranfield Students’ Association. What very busy 3 hours it was! We did not stop! Big thank you goes to Alan and Graham for manning our table so eloquently; also Nelia, Farrukh and Periklis for their support. And let’s not forget to acknowledge the presence of our amazing photographers Asteris and Xiaojian, who is also our Photo Editor. 

On Sunday 30 September we organised a walk to Cranfield village. Last year the attendance was good – but this year, it was record-breaking! We counted 83 Cranfield University students at the start of this walk! Unbelievable! We descended on Cranfield village like a swarm of bees! We stopped at a local co-op supermarket, then getting a view of Marston Trift and Forest of Marston Vale, before heading back on a small section of the  National Route 51 of the National Cycle Network and then using the footpath that circumnavigates Cranfield airport. Big thank you goes to our group of walk leaders for this walk: Alan, Nelia,Farrukh, Dave and Alex. Also to our photographers Alan and Tomas.

On Monday 1 October at lunchtime there was yet another annual fair in CSA  which was an oportunity for new students to meet representatives of ‘Cranfield University’s Walks’: We  answered students’  numerous questions and signed up more new members. Big thank you  goes to our great team – Andrew, Jason and Eduardo and our award-winning photographer Asteris

This was our busiest weekend yet, with record attendance on our walks. The two student clubs & societies fairs led to 54 students and staff being recruited as our members. More are to join, as I gather from the number of email enquiries we’ve had in the past couple of days!-)

If you like to join our walking society, visit our Membership page and follow the instructions there.

Photos from last year’s club & societies fair – photos  courtesy of Asteris Apostolidis, Xiaojian Huang and Alan Nelson.
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Join ‘Cranfield University’s Walks’ at Clubs and Societies Fair

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Cranfield Students’ Association holds its annual fair in CSA on Saturday 29/09/2012 from 5 to 8pm and on Monday 01/10/21012 from 12.30 to 2pm

This is your chance to meet members of ‘Cranfield University’s Walks‘ and renew your annual membership or to register with our student walking society for the first time.

Last year the fair was an excellent opportunity to introduce our society ‘Cranfield University’s Walks’ to new students. There was a lot of interest in our walks and we have signed up 44 new members, bringing the total to over 70 paid members.

If you like to join our walking society, you can either come to the upcoming CSA fair or visit our Membership page for more information on how to join.

Photos from last year’s club & societies fair – photos  courtesy of Shiroshana Tissera

Clubs and Societies Fair

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Cranfield Students’ Association hold its annual fair on Saturday 2 and Thursday 4 October.

This was an excellent opportunity to introduce our  society to new students. There was a lot of interest in our walks and we have signed up 44 new members! Many thanks to Eduardo, Graham and Periklis for taking their time to represent our society at the fair; special thanks to Graham who attended Saturday’s event at a very short notice indeed.

If you like to join our walking society, you can still do so – see our Membership page for more information. 

Photos courtesy of Shiroshana Tissera