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the mysterious metal pole

It was the second week of October – 12th to be precise – when I was returning from some errands in Cranfield village. Walking parallel to the airport’s landing strip, to my surprise, I spotted a white metal pole sticking right out of the walking path; coming closer I could see it was cemented into the ground. I was baffled as this strange object was not certainly there when our walking group did a walk to Cranfield village ten days earlier. Couple of weeks later, after a repeated enquiry with members of the university’s (Green?) Travel Plan Working Group*, the origins and purpose of this metal object still remain a mystery. Only one thing seems to be clear so far – sticking a metal pole almost in the middle of a legitimate footpath does not make much sense.

Do you have more information about this white metal pole? We like to hear from you!-)

*(sorry, can’t include a hyperlink as no external page exists that would tell you more about thisĀ  group; only an internal web page is available to those with Cranfield log in)