Walk on Thursday 29 September

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Hello, you are invited to join us for an early evening walk on Thursday afternoon.
Meeting point: in front of Cafe Bookshop   at 17.30
Length of walk: about 5 km.
Destination TBC (Cranfield village, North Crawley or the direction of Moulsoe village).
Please wear suitable footwear – there might be some stiles to climb over.
You are welcome to bring a drink and even a dish to pick blackberries on the way.

Yes, no, maybe: walk as a means of transport

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the way to go

I am currently writing the aims and objectives for our new walking society “cranfielduniversitywalks” which ought to be easy. I thought there should definitely be something about promoting walking as an alternative means of transport – i.e. walking to neighbouring villages such as Cranfield, although one of our members walks daily as far as Newport Pagnell! I then had a discussion with our University’s Transport Team, after I suggested to them to include a link to our new website on their intranet web page. What came out of this discussion was that our Transport team does not view walking as a means of transport and therefore it does not deem it appropriate mentioning walking (and us) on their web page. Interesting, I thought. A day or so passed and I received a call from the Transport Team saying they changed their mind and they will be including walking info on their intranet page in the future. But I am still bit baffled – is walking means of transport? Yes, no, maybe?

Note: Cranfield University’s Transport Team gave a permission for our group to have a discussion on this topic on our blog. 

Walk on Sunday 25 September

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It is going to be sunny on Sunday – perfect for an afternoon walk to North Crawley with a stop at Lodge Farm.
If you like to join us, meet us in front of the Community Centre at 2 o’clock.
Bring a plastic dish to pick blackberries on the way back – optional.
PS: don’t forget to wear suitable footwear – there are some stiles to climb over.

Help us create our new walk plan

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Thursday 22 September 2011: Today our first enrolment event for “cranfielduniversitywalks” took place. This was a great opportunity to promote our new society and learn about your ideas for future walks. Suggestions included: Greensand Ridge walk, a visit to see the hill figures in Oxfordshire, and a Halloween walk to meet the headless ghost of Lady Snagge at Cranfield village. We’ve also had an offer for a guided walk from Ampthill to Woburn and for a walk in and around Newport Pagnell.  Many thanks for all those wonderful ideas – I hope you agree if I say that our walk plan for the coming year is certainly turning out to be a very interesting one!

If you like to sign up to our new society, you can meet us tomorrow at CSA between 12 -14 hours. More suggestions on walk routes and offers to lead a walk are all very welcomed!


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This is a site for  the new walking society at Cranfield University. Here we advertise events, share maps, information and photos from our walks.

Paths at Cranfield

The rural location of Cranfield University is ideal for exploring its surroundings on foot whilst avoiding the road – there are numerous paths to neighbouring villages and towns – whether you are after some shopping, a cultural event, a good running route or just a walk. Join one of our walks (see Events Calendar) , visit our  Maps page  for  our “classic” walks routes, or just ask  and we point you into the right direction.