Cranfield University’s Walks walking society usually purchases hard copies of Ordnance Survey maps for the most serious treks. However, there are quite good free resources online. It may be worth to take a look at:

DIGIMAP Planning your walks, creating your own custom maps

You can create own free maps for your walks with The application includes a distance measuring tool, helpful for planning your walks. A link to this application can be also found on the Cranfield University’s library web page.

Who can use Digimap? If you are student or staff member at Cranfield University, then you are eligible to access Digimap using your Cranfield University’s password and username, by registering first online.

What ‘purpose’ shall I select when registering with Digimap? When you register for the first time with Digimap, you will be asked for what purposes you intend to use it. Please select ‘other‘ when registering for Digimap, if solely to be used to obtain maps for your walks (i.e. if you don’t plan to use it as part of your coursework). When you then receive an email from Digimap to query your purpose, respond to say you belong to the university’s walking society.

IMPORTANT! – Copyright Please note that any maps you access and create using Digimap are intended for the personal use of a registered user. Distributing maps that you create and download as a registered user to others is infringing copyright.

Using Digimap: Once in Digimap, go to Ordnance Survey Collections – Roam (Picture 1 below) click ‘yes‘ you agree to terms and conditions Picture 2) – a new window  appear. Just use the features on the left hand side of the screen to search for a location you are interested (Picture 3  in and zoom in to the scale you want. Options are there to measure distance (Picture 4) and save maps as jpeg files.