Paths to Cranfield Village

How to get to Cranfield village from Cranfield University

This page contains information on how to get from the university to Cranfield village on foot and by bicycle, by using the cycle path and a footpath.

Distance from Cranfield University to Cranfield village: circa 3km (one way).

The cycle path

Information about the cycle path:

  • Sustrans info about national cycle route 51 does not mention this cycle path which should be effectively the most recent extension of route 51, see Sustrans’ website.
  • Cranfield University’s website offers a press article on the opening of the cycle path. A page showing a map of the cycle path or photos was not found on the university’s website.

The signs: The first sign for the cycle path appears to be only on the edge of the campus! See map here (the location of the arrow).

Lighting: None. Dark in the night!

Surface: Tarmac

Accessibility: Flat surface (no hills), no stiles. Suitable for walking and cycling.

Watch out for:

  • The cycle path runs along the road. There are no railings and no markings for pedestrians and cyclists – so watch our for people walking on the footpath and for cyclists. Cars drive fast on this stretch of the road – do not step into the road.
  • Once in Cranfield village, the footpath ends abruptly. There is no marked zebra crossing to cross on the other side of the road. Watch out for cars that might not stop and run you over!



The footpath that circumnavigates the airfield

Information about the cycle path: None found on the Cranfield University’s website.

The signs: The first sign for this path can be found only all the way on Merchant Lane! See an arrow on a map here.

Lighting: None. Dark in the night!

Surface: Mostly grass, uneven in places. Can get very wet and muddy.

Accessibility: Flat (no hills),  2 stiles. Suitable for walking but not for cycling unless you are capable to lift  your bicycle across the stiles.

Watch out for:

  • Do not stray away from the footpath onto the airfield strip. You can get charged with trespassing on the airfield!
  • The stiles: Go steady, one was found to be unstable (October 2016 info)
  • The footpath end at Cranfield village: the entrance has been slightly concealed by the building site of the new estate at Cranfield village. The footpath from there has not been maintained; became very overgrown meaning one had to walk on the field.




Circular map of routes to Cranfield village
Circular map of routes to Cranfield village