Local walks

Cranfield University is located in a rural location, surrounded by beautiful countryside that is ideal for walking.

 Looking for a great walk within a close proximity of Cranfield University? We recommend these places within a walking distance:

Lodge Farm, North Crawley 

306986_1472Angela's homemade ice cream & a cakeThe dairy and Angela’s farm shop is a stop on one of our classic walks to North Crawley. It is about 1 miles north of Cranfield University if walking on the paths  that lead across the fields (the shortest route via stables). We love the homemade ice cream and cakes. The shop also sells homemade butter and cream, eggs, seasonal fruit and veg. Fresh organic bread is available every Monday-Wednesday (baked at the Camphill Community Workshop in Willen). Non-organic fresh bread is available Thursday Saturday. The farm shop is open Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm. Cakes can be made to order – call Angela on 01234 391 250.

Marston Moreteyne    
Marston Moretaine Village Fete
Our walking society has enjoyed numerous visits to the 15th century Mary’s Church situated at the heart of this small Bedfordshire village, in an area known as Marston Vale. Up until the early 21st Century this area was famous for brick making. The unusual detached tower of the church, with its thick walls at the base, suggests that this was once a watchtower, or a place of refuge in times of strife. In the church you find a historical ‘Doom’ painting, which can be seen above the Chancel Arch, and shows the Last Judgement and the separation of the souls, when Christ returns.

Cranfield University Walks on a visit to Chicheley HallChicheley Hall This popular walk destination, less than 5 miles northwest from Cranfield University, is now owned by the Royal Society. Beautifully landscaped gardens, a house full of history, great refreshments and a very warm welcome – that is how we know Chicheley Hall.

Views towards StewarbyForest of Marston Vale Sixty-one square miles of forest less than 5 miles in the east direction from Cranfield University, just on the doorstep from Cranfield village. The Forest Centre organizes various nature and outdoor activities throughout the year, including public tree planting.  Don’t forget a walk along the magnificent Stewarby Lake. Whilst in Cranfield village, don’t forget to stop for some fish & chips.

For a pub walk across the countryside, head to Carrington Arms in Moulsoe and The Cock Inn at the North Crawley.

Map of local places to visit

To help you plan your route, see our Maps page or contact us.