Navigation Training and Orienteering: 27th-28th April

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A fun filled weekend for those who wish to learn and practice the skills required to read a map, and navigate effectively. Will include a presentation on Saturday followed by an orienteering competition on the Sunday

Walk itinerary: 
Meet at the CSA at 13:00 (Saturday) ; Cafe Bookshop 10:00 (Sunday)                                     Total length: Presentation will be 2-3 hours,                                                             Orienteering will be approximately 3 hours (5km)                                                                     Return: circa 15:00 hours

Map reading, compass skills and navigation are considered by many to be an essential skill, and gives you as walkers the freedom to plan and navigate at anytime, for anyone. This workshop will provide you with the basic knowledge required for you to read a map, and then consolidate these skills on the Sunday by trying your hand at a national orienteering competition in Brandon Wood, near Coventry. A great chance to learn some new skills and people, whilst having great fun.

The Cost will be £7 for members and £10 for non-members (This will cover transport and entry fee to the competition)

Please sign the sheet in the CSA to confirm your participation

Confirm your participation, latest by Tuesday 23rd at 16:00, by signing the sheet in the CSA

Skills will include; Using a map and understanding the symbols, using a compass, bearings, how to relocate yourself when lost, planning a safe route and others

Note: There is transport involved and only limited seats available. So, HURRY UP!!! You will not be able to turn up on the day without prior booking