Best photos from our walks: we have winners!

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These are the four amazing photos taken on our walks  between September 2011 and June 2012 that were voted by our student members as the winners of  Cranfield University Walks photo competition 2011-2012. Congratulations!

The winners will receive prizes donate by our sponsors: Angela Jane’s Farmhouse Kitchen, Lodge Farm, North Crawleyhomemade cakes, ice cream & more. The Beesness: delicious preserves, jams & honey. Glynise King, Sherington: tranquillity holistic therapies (book a massage via university’s Medical Centre). The cafe bookshop @ Cranfield campus: fresh coffee and cakes, books & more. Digital Visitor: kindly donating a ‘cycle pack’ with a helmet, gloves, puncture repair kit, light and bike tool kit. Cranfield Students’ Association – a bottle of  bubbly.

Special thank you goes to our competition committee that so brilliantly managed the competition: our Photo Editors Belen Iglesias and Xiaojian Huang.

All photos entered into this year’s competition can be viewed via our Photos page.


One thought on “Best photos from our walks: we have winners!

    […] What was your role in the walking society?                                                            I was the voice of the society!-), its Social Media Officer. I was in charge of keeping people updated of the society’s events through our website and social media networks. This involved chasing people to give me an accurate description of any upcoming event so I could then advertise it, updating the society’s calendar, from time to time posting pictures… I also helped to organise events and I led a couple of local walks. I started as a Photo Editor for the society, encouraging other students to take lots of pictures during our walks whilst taking quite a few myself, updating the society’s photo gallery and organising our photo competitions.  […]

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