Our society is a winner!-)

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Clubs and Societies Awards Night – Friday 6th July 2012.
The Clubs & Societies Committee and Cranfield Students’ Association held a special evening last Friday, as a thank you to student clubs and societies for all their hard work throughout the year in providing activities for Cranfield University’s students. This event was a great way to celebrate all that was achieved in the year and to share the highs and lows with everyone. 

Great success for Cranfield University Walks – we have won the “best event” award for the year 2011-2012 which I am told equals  to being voted as the best students society or a club. This is the first time that a walking society at Cranfield University won this trophy.

Each student society or a club was also asked to nominate up to 2 individuals for an award. Cranfield University Walks nominated those from the local community who provided our walking society with most support or a very interesting experience. This is to acknowledge that Cranfield University does not exist in a vacuum; its local communities that surround it are vital to the students’ experience. After a period of  voting on our Facebook group page and on our website,  the winners were announced as:

Best walks: Toby Breckon from School of Engineering – for  leading two amazing weekend walks for students  in Lake District and Brecon Beacons.

Most welcoming local community award:  Reverend Gill from Marston Moretaine – for the very warm welcome and an excellent guided tour of St Mary’s church

Most welcoming local business award: Angela and Gary Adderson, Lodge Farm North Crawley – for making our students feel at home on their farm; and all the amazing cakes and ice cream and teas/coffees. Plus for the trampoline in their garden!-)

It was great to see so many of our external nominees coming to the awards evening that finished with BBQ in CSA. Needless to say an award was deserved by all of those who have dedicated their time to spend it with our student members – whether taking us for an excellent guided walk or a ramble across the fields; helping us to organise our weekend trips away; or supporting us in many other, sometimes mysterious, ways!  Great thank you then also goes to Glenda and Sue from CSA   for all their kind help and useful advice; and  to Margaret and Dawn from the Community Centre for their continuing love and support.

With 2 of our winners! 3rd trophy was delivered to Lodge Farm the following day.





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    […] great news is that this year the award-winning society ‘Cranfield University’s Walks‘  is […]

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