Best photo competition: now open!

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Photos from our walks – Which one is the winner?  Collage by Xiaojian Huang

NEW – in search for the best photos from our walks! We are looking for 3  most stunning photos taken on our walks between September 2011 up to June 2012. Following a public vote, winners  of our most voted-for pictures will be announced during our special awards ceremony – planned for the weekend of 28-29 July at Lodge Farm, North Crawley.

The competition has 2 stages:

STAGE 1 – SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS BY 30 JUNE 2012                                             How to submit photos: email us with photos as JPEG attachments: ; or send us a message on  Facebook with photos attached.                          

Guidelines for submitting photos: Please submit your own photos only. Up to 3 photos can be submitted by one individual.                                                                                  When submitting your photos please include this information:  1) your name, 2) a name/date of a  walk at which a photo was taken and 3) a title/name of the photo (optional)

STAGE 2 – VOTING FOR THE BEST PHOTOS will open on 5th JULY                    The nominated photos will be made available on 5th July. Additionally, our Photo Editors will select 10 photos for the “Editors’ choice” category.                                          Voting will close on: 20th July                                                                                              How to vote: Submitted photos will be placed in  special albums.  Options for voting will be:

1)  Facebook group:   click “Like” for the photo(s) you want to win. The number of Likes = number of votes.

2)  Contact us: view the photos via our Photos page; then email us with the name/ number of the photo(s)  you want to win =  your vote will be added in

Competition committee our Photo Editors Belen Iglesias and Xiaojian Huang.

“They posed for me” – last year’s winning photo by Tiju


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