Footpath to Cranfield village under water

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Fancy a walk from Cranfield University to Cranfield village, using the public footpath that circumnavigates the air strip of Cranfield airport? Well, put waders on instead of walking boots as the path is seriously waterlogged in places –  and soon you may need a boat to get across, as Cranfield University Walks found out during a walk this week on Wednesday evening.

Apologies to  Missa about her squeaky clean white trainers turned somehow black and to Jayanthi for getting her trousers very dirty. At least the fish & chips purchased from Cranfield village chippy were spot on – who knows, we might be catching our fish in the newly formed Cranfield sea any time soon, if the rainy weather we’ve recently had continues.

PS: special thanks goes to the good Samaritan Kate who ferried our brave group of walkers  back to the university, after the exhausting sea-wading walk.


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