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Take part in “Cranfield University Walks” T-shirt design competition!

We are looking for sophisticated ideas for a logo and overall T-shirt design that will represent positively the ethos of the walking society “Cranfield University Walks

Required format of design: a vector file of a good quality. This can either take the form of a .ai or a .eps or a pdf file.

Cranfield University’s logo to be included as part of the overall look but separate from the designed image, to be placed on either a left or right breast – guidelines and logo can be found on intranet page (on intranet search for page “Toolkits, guidelines & templates”)  

T-shirt specification: short-sleeved

Submission deadline: 31 December 2011

Send your designs to: walking@cranfield.ac.uk

Voting will take place during January 2012.

A prize for the winning design: £50 outdoor shop voucher.

Winning design(s) will be materialized.

another variation of the D.A.R.E T-shirt design
T-shirt design for our walking society: "dare to walk" maybe? Image via Wikipedia

Even a seemingly uninteresting walk organised by our walking society can be a huge source of inspiration, as we found out during our last week’s evening ramble to North Crawley. Musing over our plate of fish and chips, our attention was then drawn to one of our members – and particularly the T-shirt she was wearing. Nice design, we commented. Apparently her university in the Czech Republic ran a T-shirt design competition and this was the winning number. The conversation then turned to Cranfield University: why are our university’s T-shirts so boring? Just the university’s logo and that’s it.  And actually, our walking society hasn’t even got own logo yet! Ok, we have to do something. So we asked our member Mohamed to bring this task into fruition. Hence this competition announcement.


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