Saturday 19 November: exploring Cranfield part II

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Walk itinerary:       
Meet under the spreading chestnut tree* by The Cafe Bookshop.  
Depart at 12.00 noon                                                                                                                        Total walk length: circa 14 km (8.7 miles)                                                                                   Return: circa 16.00 hours                                                                                                           Bring with you a packed lunch and a drink.                                                                                Please wear appropriate footwear and clothing for a walk on country footpaths.               There is no cost associated with attending this walk – just turn up.                                            Have a look at this website on the day of the walk to see if there’s an update.

An afternoon walk in close proximity to Cranfield University, prepared by our guide Paul from Cranfield village. The first walk led by Paul took place in October and it was a great success – with almost 40 students attending.                                                              This is what Paul  tells us about this second upcoming walk on 19 November:

Another circular walk to the East of  Wharley End. This will be 14. km to the east circumnavigating Moulsoe –  a route mainly on headlands and bridle paths over arable land and through spinneys.

 Although the English Winter weather is yet to come, it will be damp and muddy underfoot so suitable footwear will be required and waterproofs if it’s raining or likely to. Bring packed lunch a drink and something to sit on may be a plastic bag.

Countryside around Cranfield University waiting to be explored
* Did you know? Horse Chestnut trees are not native to Britain – they were planted as ornamental trees for their shade. They have a pleasant white flower and their fruits conkers can be used for sport.

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