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the mysterious metal pole

It was the second week of October – 12th to be precise – when I was returning from some errands in Cranfield village. Walking parallel to the airport’s landing strip, to my surprise, I spotted a white metal pole sticking right out of the walking path; coming closer I could see it was cemented into the ground. I was baffled as this strange object was not certainly there when our walking group did a walk to Cranfield village ten days earlier. Couple of weeks later, after a repeated enquiry with members of the university’s (Green?) Travel Plan Working Group*, the origins and purpose of this metal object still remain a mystery. Only one thing seems to be clear so far – sticking a metal pole almost in the middle of a legitimate footpath does not make much sense.

Do you have more information about this white metal pole? We like to hear from you!-)

*(sorry, can’t include a hyperlink as no external page exists that would tell you more about thisĀ  group; only an internal web page is available to those with Cranfield log in)



One thought on “For path’s sake

    LT said:
    November 2, 2011 at 19:56

    If you really want to know what it’s there for you’d probably be better off talking to the airport admin staff directly. Whilst the airport is owned by the university my understanding is that the people that run it aren’t university employees which probably means the travel plan group have little influence.

    However – the location appears to be some distance away from the public footpath so it’s likely they will probably just say you shouldn’t be walking there anyway. The waymarks are quite clear that the public footpath runs alongside the fence/hedge 20 or so metres to the east of this object.

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