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The next Executive Committee Elections for the Cranfield Students’ Association will take  at Cranfield campus in the CSA foyer on Thursday 27th October between 10.00 – 17.00 hrs. It is open to students currently registered as full or part-time students of Cranfield University (remember, you will need to show your University ID card to be able to vote).

As many of our members of the Cranfield University’s walking society are interested in ‘green’, environmental issues, I took the opportunity to ask the nominees for the new Green Officer role to tell us more about themselves. Here, I introduce one of the candidates:

Hello there. Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Marie Lefebvre. I am a Master Student in Design and Innovation for Sustainability. Something about me:  I first got interested in the concept of sustainability when I was 10 years old, after watching the French movie ‘The Green Beautiful‘ or ‘La Belle Verte‘ by Serreau. It is about an alien planet where its inhabitants are living in harmony with their environment. I encourage everyone to go on YouTube and watch it, it is very inspiring.

 What motivates you to apply for the Green Officer role?

This year, it will be the first time in our student committee at Cranfield University that we will have a Green Officer, an individual eager to tackle sustainable issues on campus. It will not be an easy role. It will involve first establishing a balance between the best interests of Cranfield stakeholders and our environment. Secondly, it will involve a creation of a model for the next Green Officers to follow, to change and/or to reinvent.

 It is a challenge for which I am up for because, first, I want to,  as much as anyone else interested in ‘green’ and sustainable issues, act as ‘agent of change’. Applying for the Green Officer position allows me to become this ‘agent of change’, eager to work with the committee and university students to start making necessary changes that our university needs. The second reason is that I think I have the capabilities to meet the objectives of the role. In the past I have led a volunteer project bringing international students together and I have even organised in my undergraduate studies a petition to convince module convenors to create a module on sustainable marketing.

What are 3 priorities you will want to address, if you become a newly elected Green Officer? 

If I become a newly elected Green Officer, my three priorities that I will want to address are:

– Getting more recycling bins around campus

– Having Cranfield University maps with information on where to recycle.

– Getting more individuals involved with car share schemes

 What should it mean for a Cranfield student being “green”?

‘Being green’ has no proper meaning or definition. It is primarily a marketing term meaning ‘environmentally friendly’. I personally think that there is no degree or scale by which we could define or rate an individual as ‘being green’. It is also a term which encourages division amongst individuals: ‘To be or not to be green? I can’t really answer to this question…’

Others will consider ‘being green’ as an aim to reach by having a genuine respect for our planet, a willingness to improve the state of our earth.

If ‘being green’ is an aim, we should be described as being in the process of ‘becoming greener’ and any individual who is trying to do so, as little as their actions might be should be considered as such.

No one is ‘being green’ but for a Cranfield Student, everyone should be considered as ‘becoming greener’.

Do you have a green advice for us?

The advice will be if you feel that something has to be changed or improved, JUST DO IT.

Finally, will you come with us for a walk?

I will definitely come with you for a walk, it will be a great experience to discover Cranfield’s countryside, meet new people and moreover I haven’t got a car so it will be an opportunity to get to know the different paths whilst avoiding the road to the neighbouring villages and towns. When is the next walk?

Thank you, Marie. Best wishes with the election campaign!

Kristina Sodomkova
                                                                                                                                                                  The next walk is on Sunday 30 October to the beautiful valley of White Horse in Oxfordshire and it will be led by Andrew, National Trust ranger. We still have a few places left – book at CSA office on the 1 st floor. See our previous post for more info. 

For info on future walks, see also our Walk Plan.


One thought on “Vote for Green Officer

    ksodo said:
    October 28, 2011 at 23:04

    Congratulations to Marie who has been voted into the position of the first student Green Officer at Cranfield University.

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