Walk on Friday 7 October

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Angela's homemade cake and ice cream. Photo courtesy of Deborah Hiscock.
Hello, you are invited to join us for an early evening walk on Friday afternoon.
Meeting point: in front of Cafe Bookshop   at 17.00 hours
Length of walk: circa 5 km.
Destination: North Crawley, Lodge dairy farm and shop for some homemade cakes and ice cream. Route via working stables.                                                                 
Return time:  circa at 19.00 hours
Please wear suitable footwear – there are some stiles to climb over.

One thought on “Walk on Friday 7 October

    ksodo said:
    October 9, 2011 at 13:47

    Excellent turnout – more than 20 students attended this Friday’s walk and we managed to be back on campus in a very good time – 1.40 minutes. We went beside the fields at the back of Fedden House and then via Shire Lane, finishing with a short stretch along the main road. Route back was via stables. Homemade ice cream was delicious (I had a toffee one) as well as a fresh Victoria sponge cake we shared. We also managed to have a tour of the dairy fridge.

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