Time to do some shopping!

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Those of you who met me on our walk on Sunday 2 October to Cranfield village; you probably wondered that I did not look like a serious countryside rambler but more like an urban stroller: trainers, shoulder bag casually hanging on my arm. Well, I used to have lovely walking shoes – I bought myself a very comfortable, nicely looking, pair of Berghaus boots as a birthday present to myself this year, after researching reviews on Amazon. One reviewer, and a very satisfied owner of Berghaus footwear, suggested buying size of the shoe you normally wear – which is not the advice normally given. Still I followed this suggestion and it was fine, my feet felt heavenly in the new boots I purchased. Except when I did a walk over 10 km, I felt my feet were expanding and the boots were suddenly too small! Blisters started to appear. So my lovely boots were passed on to one of my sisters as her feet are slightly smaller than mine. Regarding a suitable rucksack – I did have one too until strict airport luggage allowance during a recent trip to Europe made me stuff my hand luggage to the point that my rucksack burst. So for me, to do some serious walking, I  desperately need to do some serious shopping first!

My old walking boots. Photos courtesy of Mariana Felnerova.

I assume that some of you are experiencing similar dilemmas. This is where an idea came from Deborah, one of our walk leaders: Let’s do a walk combined with a shopping trip to an outdoor store.  So that is what we are planning to do on October 22  and 12 November 2011, visiting an outdoor shop in Bedford and/or Stony Stratford.  We are still finalizing details of both trips but in the meantime you can check out these stores’ websites, to see what merchandise is available:

Bedford store (Deborah and I both have a discount card that can be used during our group visit) http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/bedford

Stony Stratford store (our members receive 20% discount) http://www.theoutdoorshop.com/

More: To see what other walks we are currently planning in the next couple of weeks, check Walk Plan page.


One thought on “Time to do some shopping!

    Mariana said:
    October 6, 2011 at 22:05

    Old but great! 🙂

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